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BS Industries

Uttar Pradesh's emerging Submersible Pump Manufacturer and seller

About Us

BS Industries takes care of your Quality Submersible Pump needs and its service, and also deal in Construction Projects

We are aspired to fulfill the need of quality submersible pump which is not only powerful but also efficient in electricity consumption. Our manufacturers are meticulously working to deliver the cost effective pumps for household, industry and agriculture purpose.

We know how important to have our own home and how emotionally we are connected with it. We are also in the field of making dream home and other construction work.


Submersible Pumps


We never comprise with the quality of pumps. We are continuously improving the efficiency and power. 

Cost effectiveness

Our Submersible pumps are cost effective to all the range of customers.

Energy Efficient

We have used that technology in the manufacturing of pumps which reduces the energy consumption. 

What if you have a pump which guarantee you for long life and power savings

Key Features

Fast Service

Our team of service engineers delivers fast service while maintaining the quality of pumps and efficiency.

Low Cost

Our R&D team continuously developing the efficient Submersible Pumps at the lowest cost possible.

Low Maintenance

Our submersible pumps are more resistive to defects and have very low maintenance cost.


Construction Projects

We deal in construction of road in rural areas. 

We work to transform dream house into reality with the help of Civil Engineers.

We are also involved in Industry construction. We always deliver customer satisfaction.  

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